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Posted by Austin Smith on Sep 2, 2019 1:44:58 PM

University of Minnesota Offers New Science of Cannabis Class


stadium-484158_1920The University of Minnesota will offer a new class this semester for the first time due to popular student demand. Students at the University of Minnesota have shown an interest in the cannabis field and the jobs within it. Topics covered within the new class includes the biological makeup of cannabis, state and federal level regulations, uses of cannabis, and the societal impacts of cannabis. Approval of the new cannabis course was given in July after a lengthy process that started more than a month prior to July.

A portion of the lengthy approval process was attributed to the fact that the course was sent to lawyers at the University’s Office of the General Counsel for review. The University of Minnesota opted to conduct this further review in order to avoid the possibility of lost federal research funding due to the complicated legality status of cannabis. General Counsel did perform and make several changes to the course and moved it on for full approval after changes were completed. Assistant professors Mary Brakke and Peter Morrell will co-teach “The Science of Cannabis” class in this coming fall semester.

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Mary Brakke, Assistant Professor and Co-teacher of “The Science of Cannabis”, stated: “We are hoping to give students an opportunity to explore areas of interest in a place where they can get informed feedback from us, other students and people who work in related fields.”

Employment opportunities in the cannabis-related field crop up on a daily basis and students who look for these jobs increase at the same rate. The course will provide a wealth of information to these interested students as well as a leg up ahead of others who haven’t had the course. A lot of buzz among the many interested students, and those who heard about it through the grapevine, left a positive vibe on assistant professor Morrell.

Peter Morrell, Assistant Professor and Co-teacher of “The Science of Cannabis”, stated: “Part of our goal is to offer courses students are interested in being a part of. It is fun having students engaged and excited about coursework.”

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